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Facebook Seller Advertising

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Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways to grow your real estate business. A major benefit of purchasing your advertising with us is the hands-free delivery of ready to service leads directly to your dashboard. 

Our program is best for the agent that does not have time to create, monitor, and optimize Facebook ads. We will manage your Facebook ads for you and monitor it on a consistent basis. We write the Facebook advertising copy, headlines, and descriptions that will appear in your ads. We will also include creative in your ads, such as high-quality imagery.

In addition, we're also including dynamic retargeting ads with every purchase. Any visitor to your website will see homes they browsed when then navigate their Facebook feed.


Facebook Seller Lead Generation FAQ

Are the leads coming from a pool that’s shared with other agents within the company?

No. All leads generated from your purchase are exclusive to you.

Can I customize the content of the advertisements?

For the seller advertising, we handle the advertising creation and lead generation so you can focus on follow-up and close more deals.

How much of my purchase price will be spent on ads?

A minimum of 90% of your purchase will go toward your ad budget.

How many leads will I get with my purchase?

While we don’t guarantee lead volume we can project the average cost per lead to range between $7 and $13.00. These fluctuations can be caused by seasonality, market conditions, and other external variables. 

How will I know a lead is from this purchase?

Each lead will include the hashtag #jparpaidseller, identifying that they came from this purchase.

*The following (silent) video shows the process a lead goes through to get to your dashboard from the Lead Ads version of the Facebook ad.