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Black Knight offers a cutting-edge lead generation solution that provides agents with an effortless way to regularly connect with potential sellers by providing them complimentary information about their property. The solution – Homebot – is powered by artificial intelligence and provides home wealth strategies directly to buyers, sellers, and prospective home sellers. This is a big step forward to empower agents to better support consumers that may be considering selling their existing home, but have not yet listed it with an agent.

With Homebot, you are able to share content that will allow a homeowner to see home wealth management tips throughout the life cycle of their home.

Homebot automatically emails a wealth of information to a consumer about his/her existing home and mortgage. Using advanced analytics, it provides valuable insights that were previously unavailable in a mobile-friendly fashion. It provides more than just values, but real insight into a consumer’s existing home including:

  • Home Value
  • Existing loans on the home
  • Home equity
  • How to save on interest payments
  • Down payment for an investment property or move-up home
  • Area rents via Airbnb

Your Homeowner Marketing Tool

Homebot will become your most valued homeowner marketing tool. Homebot has around a 70 percent monthly open rate*, and will service long-term clients, as well as generate new business.

Homebot also provides you with a lead-generating landing page and integrated social media marketing. The solution is valuable for your past clients, providing them ongoing insights into their home and ensuring you are top of mind if they decide to move to another home.



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